About the Life

Hey, you!

So you’re on this website called Malena Does Life, and you’re thinking, good Lord, what am I reading? Who is this weirdo and why do I care about her messy life? (Other than because she’s hilarious, obviously.)

Well there is a reason for my chaos, I promise.

In his book, Poor Richard’s Almanack, Benjamin Franklin said to “write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” So I choose both. Simultaneously a writer who wants to tell the world a story and an adventurer who seeks the thrill of the unknown, I’m combining my two personas into one blog, where every other week I will tell a story about a new experience I had.

No opportunity is off the table. I’ll learn new things. Go new places. Meet new people. But no matter what it is, I will push myself to do something. Because life is not meant to be easy, but challenging. It is not meant to be convenient, but full of meaningful risk. It is not meant to be boring, but passionate. And above all, life is meant to be great.

And you wanna know what else is great? You. For reading my website. And just for being you. (Because only awesome people read my website. So thank you for being awesome.)

Let’s do this.